Digital Highs 2.8.1

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Now includes 40 sessions instead of 30!

Binaural beat based mind altering programs are becoming increasingly popular. Digital Highs takes the experience to a new level by combining the pulsing beats of binaural entrainment with flashing lights. Please note that all of the sessions start off on the same frequency, the normal waking brainwave frequency. As the session progresses they each change in different ways.

There a few other binaural "altered states" apps on the app store, and it seems like some of them are misrepresenting the experience by naming their entrainment sessions directly after illicit drugs. Digital Highs will not exactly duplicate the effects of these illicit drugs (and neither will the competition, if truth be told) but it will guide your mind into a new type of altered state. And, unlike it's biggest competitor, Digital Highs doesn't require you to pay extra for more sessions. You get 40 sessions built in right from the start with no additional fees, ever. Be sure to try our staff favorite "Forty-Two."

What you should expect from Digital Highs is a type of intense meditation. Terms such as hallucinogenic and psychedelic are still used because those are terms that the average person can relate to a little better, but in reality the "hallucinations" will seem more like vivid daydreams. Like any mental feat, the daydreams and clarity of consciousness won't come easy to beginners. For that reason it is suggested that everyone start with the sessions labelled "beginners" in their description. These are designed to be easier for people less accustomed to meditation and other mental visualization type exercises to benefit from.

Digital Highs contains only the binaural programs with a pink noise backing track. This saves hundreds of megabytes of space on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad compared to mp3 based players with "trippy" music in the background.

The full list of sessions is given below:

Acid Dreams
Aura Cleanse
Big Game Hunter
Blue Bottle
Body Numb
Dissociated Dreams
El Diablo En Musica
Flower Power
Forty Two
Green Delusions
Green Dreams
Hallucinogenic Flight
Hallucinogenic Rush
Heavy Euphoria
Kiss of a Goddess
Liquid Euphoria
Liquid Trip
Pain Killer
Pain Slayer
Poppy Extreme
Poppy Power
Problem Melter
Psychedelic Distortion
Psychedelic Stimulant
Purple Leprechauns
Reality Burster
Soul Searcher
Stimulant Euphoria

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